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Sun May 10 21:14:03 UTC 1998

"Randy Bush" <randy at> wrote:
>This is not a NOC at all.  This is a mailing list, read by quite a few
>network operators, many of whom are not impressed by would be operators
>who can not tell a mailing list from a NOC.

Give me a break.  I think it's pretty obvious that he meant "is noc at,
an address I've already tried to email, the correct address to reach the ATT

Were you just venting, or did you seriously misunderstand that?


"BOFH" <bb at> wrote
> AT&T are currently advertising 61.8/20 for some reason but 61.8/19
> is one of my networks. I need to contact them urgently as this
> is affecting about half of my customers. I'v fired of an email
> to noc at but havent got anything yet.
> Is this the correct address for their NOC or should I try
> elsewhere?
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