Core router bakeoff?

Brian Wallingford brian at
Sat May 9 03:17:07 UTC 1998

Blake Willis wrote:
> ComOS release 3.5 now supports Variable Length Subnet Masks. In previous
> releases ComOS required the same netmask to be used for all subnets of a
> network. <snip snip>
> I believe that this was also the first ComOS to support OSPF.  Have fun
> with your router...

And 3.7 began support for BGP4.  I'm still waiting for someone to share
the results of the analog of 'sh ip bgp sum'.  According to a very
loquacious Lucent advocate for whom I have a good deal of respect, the
PM3 will take 4 full views on 16Meg, with room to breathe.  Purely out
of curiosity, has anyone seen this in action?

Meganet Communications, TCIx, Inc.

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