Core router bakeoff?

Perry E. Metzger perry at
Fri May 8 22:42:00 UTC 1998

Robert Sanders writes:
> >BTW, we are managing to get NetBSD to handle multiple ethernets at
> >wire speed now that NetBSD-current has (still experimental) flow cache 
> >code in it.
> [perhaps erroneously supposing that the promise of new longevity for Unix
> on commodity hardware as an edge packet forwarding engine is relevant to
> NANOG...]
> I heard on the FreeBSD lists that NASA is sponsoring this work.

Nope. Matt Thomas is doing that on his own time. NASA *has* sponsored
some NetBSD based work on storage systems -- their Numerical
Simulation Facility apparently needs filestores much bigger than any
commercial vendor can manage, and they've been using BSD boxes for

This is really far afield of nanog, though.


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