CiscoSecure NT vs CS UNIX

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Fri May 8 21:06:17 UTC 1998

[ On Fri, May 8, 1998 at 13:08:57 (-0400), Eric Germann wrote: ]
> Subject: RE: CiscoSecure NT vs CS UNIX
> Also, if you're looking for a Radius solution to interface with a real
> relational db, NT works out a LOT cheaper than Sybase or Oracle on Unix.

I don't know of anyone building their own Unix based solution who would
bother to buy a commercial RDBMS when there are ample and appropriate
freeware options.  That goes double for anyone using one of the *BSDs,
even that commercial one....

(I still don't see how NT could possibly be cheaper than Unix in any
case -- the NT server license alone should pay for quite a few
consulting hours [you shouldn't need a top level expert -- maybe even
just a good co-op student] if you don't already have in-house systems

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