Re (2): Core router bakeoff?

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Fri May 8 02:10:18 UTC 1998

Eric Germann <ekgermann at>,Internet writes:

Given that Cisco built their routers for them, and then they pissed off 
Cisco to the point where they didn't renew there code license for IOS in 
there hubs because of their anti Cisco marketing campaign. 

It was a limited 4000 Router.  Only two slots instead of three.   Cabletron is
now pushing their new SmartSwitch Router that they acquired when they purchased
YAGO systems.  They claim its an ISP backbone quality router (honest its on
their web page).  But I don't believe it does BGP4.

Cabletron has a bad rap with consultants.  Don't ever try to partner with 
them and walk them in someplace.  They are the borg, you will be assimilated. 

Hey, you haven't spoken with your local Cabletron rep lately; Cabletron is
pushing channel relationships again. 
Now that I ragged on em, they do have solid stuff.  I have one client who 
has had their MMAC hubs up and running for about 8 years with narry a 
hiccup.  And these are in rotten basements. 

You are right but is it Year 2000 compliant?


Joe Kucic

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