Latest Cisco IOS release with Version 5 flow export?

Matthew Whalen mwhalen at
Thu May 7 18:09:56 UTC 1998

I was told by Cisco a couple of days ago that it is ONLY in IOS 11.1
currently.  They said that it will return in IOS 12.


I think I heard Doug Davis say:
>Okay the cisco people haven't answered this in three days. *sigh* Does
>anyone know what the latest version of Enterprise IOS to support
>exporting Version 5 flow export data?
>i.e. the  `ip flow-export version` command
>The one I am running is 11.1(18)CA and there is a bug in it which I
>need to upgrade out of. The 11.3 code they want us to go to only exports
>version 1 code. (or they've moved the command somewhere else) 
>If you private email the answer to me I will summarize to the list.

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