BGP & CIDR blocks

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Thu May 7 14:02:44 UTC 1998

We just had the same problem with ANS.  It took them almost two weeks to
address the issue.  They even told me that it was fixed several time, even
though it had not been.

Drake Harvey
Manager, Internet Technologies
dharvey at

Is it unreasonable of me to think it's awfully backwards of ANS.NET to
require anyone getting a new CIDR block to physically call ANS's NOC and
say "please listen to routes for this block from this AS"?
First they told me "we don't trust BGP, so we use the various routing
registries to build our routing tables."  So I got our new block and our
AS in  A few days (and an ANS routing table update or two) go
by, and still we have no connectivity to ANS.  Then I get an email from
them asking me to please call thier NOC to verify that they really should
listen to our route.  Isn't the point of BGP that you don't have to
manually take care of routing updates?
Are there other backbones I need to call to make sure they see our routes?
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