BGP & CIDR blocks

Jon Lewis jlewis at
Thu May 7 05:10:50 UTC 1998

On Wed, 6 May 1998, Jason L. Weisberger wrote:

> > Is it unreasonable of me to think it's awfully backwards of ANS.NET to
> > require anyone getting a new CIDR block to physically call ANS's NOC and
> > say "please listen to routes for this block from this AS"?
> They obviously care even less about their network than we were previously
> led to belive.

Based on some of the other replies I've gotten, it's clear I should have
elaborated I'm not an ANS customer.  I could see them not taking BGP
routes for any random IP block from customers...but I'm a customer of
other backbones, and had to call ANS to say "please listen to X and Y
announcing routes for blah".

I told them on the phone...I'll just have to keep telling our customers
(some of which are ISPs) that ANS is down. :)

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