BGP & CIDR blocks

Randy Bush randy at
Thu May 7 05:04:00 UTC 1998

>      If your AS is in an appropriate (your upstream providers) autnum,
> and the route object for the prefix is in the <pick the registry of your
> choice> things work without a phone call. When they don't work, our noc
> does a good job of helping to figure out what the problem is and getting
> it fixed.. That exception is the process Jon is in.

Then some of us out here away from bal;my Ann Arbor are even more confused
than usual, hard as that may be to believe.

Every time we have moved a new prefix into our AS, especially one which ANS
knows from another provider, it is a manual operation irrespective of what
we have registered in the IRR.  

And we are IRR fanatics, as few seem to remember.  Heck, we are even paying
cash to support the RADB services this annum.

So what the heck are we doing wrongly?  E.g. last month's move of PREPnet
into AS2914.


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