VIX Looking Glass (was: AS1853 announcing default)

Christian Panigl, ACOnet/UniVie panigl at
Wed May 6 18:14:38 UTC 1998

>Date: Wed, 06 May 1998 11:50:55 -0400
>From: Paul Ferguson <ferguson at>

    Hi Paul,
    and whoever might have gotten nervous about our (AS1853) "default-route":
    please calm down, there is no such beast, and we have never announced a
    default-route "at the Vienna Internet eXchange" (  
    Please read below my answer/explanation to Paul Donner,  the rumour is
    based on a misinterpretation ...

    As I'm not subscriber to the NANOG list, my CC to this list will most
    probably bounce back, therefore, Paul, please forward my answer there !!!
Date: Wed, 06 May 1998 13:23:32 MET-DST
From: "Christian Panigl, ACOnet/UniVie" <panigl at>
To: pdonner at
CC: helpdesk at, panigl at
Subject: VIX Looking Glass

>Date: Wed, 06 May 1998 04:32:14 -0400
>From: "Paul G. Donner" <pdonner at>
>To: helpdesk at
>You guys are annoucing a default route at VIX.  Is this what you really 
>want to be doing?  I found this while using LOOKING GLASS.  For example, 
>I was looking for a route to block  Now AS1583 does not
>advertise a route for this block but they do offer to route any traffic
>that is destined for this block.  So you will be blackholing traffic
>destined for this site from any of your peers.

    Dear Paul Donner,
    thanks for your hint.  However, we are NOT announcing a default route
    "at VIX".  AS1853 (ACOnet Backbone) is announcing a default route to
    AS1120 (ACOnet/VIX Service AS).  The router is
    offering access to some special servers/services for all VIX members and
    is open to peer with all VIX members.  Also the "VIX Looking Glass" is
    asking this router, which, besides of its VIX peerings, does not have
    any (not to speak about full) explicit routing information but a default
    route to the ACOnet Backbone (AS1853).  This default route is NOT
    re-advertised to any VIX peer !
    This looking glass wrt routing table therefore has only local meaning
    for VIX members and their customers.  We might think of placing an
    explicit note there explaining the situation.
    Thanks for your input anyway !
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