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Thu Jul 30 18:10:56 UTC 1998

On Thu, Jul 30, 1998 at 10:28:15AM -0700, Jay Stewart put this into my mailbox:
> >
> >regards,
> >Andrew Shoemaker
> >JNS Security
> >wrath at
> >617.442.5408
> Did anyone take the time to look at this goober's web page?  Here is a
> *nice* snippet.
> from:
> The Smurf Relay List

How curious. '' is the ISP who hosted one of the IRC spammers a
while back that would smurf if we tried to interfere with his activity; they
steadfastly refused to remove his account until we banned the entire domain
from DALnet. Then they complied *grin*.

I wouldn't trust them to poke around in my routers, that's for sure.


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