Outages and Nanog

Studded Studded at san.rr.com
Sun Jul 26 23:48:00 UTC 1998

Sean Donelan wrote:
> >If there is a North-American network-outages list, I'd like to know
> >where I could get information about it.
> There are several.  Most major providers claim to have one.  But you
> usually have to be a customer, and rarely post information about outages.
> A provider's 'official' definition of an outage doesn't seem at all
> related to what an ordinary person would consider an outage.
> The DAL outage list often carries outage information from a variety
> of sources, official and unofficial. outage at dal.net.  But be prepared
> for an onslaught of Bull's Eye Targeted E-mail.

	My apologies for not answering this sooner, real life is rather hectic
at this point. We at DALnet try to keep our spam filters up to date on a
daily basis, but occasionally a certain spammer slips through more than
once. A list of this type loses its value if it has to be moderated, so
we try to strike a balance between restrictions on posting privileges to
the general outage list and free availability for all to post there. The
balance will always be towards the free side, which means that the
occasional spam slips through. Overall however that is a rare occurance.

	Anyone interested can mail majordomo at dal.net with 'subscribe outage' in
the body of the letter. 

Thanks for the interest,


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