Worldcom Fiber Cut

Mike Trest (Yokohama Office) mike at
Sun Jul 26 23:41:03 UTC 1998


SONET redundancy is an option which not all SONET/SDH circuit providers are
able to deploy.   Even when it is deployed, the alternate strands are
frequently inside the same fiber bundle (collapsed backbone) which makes
primary circuit and the backup circuit subject to simultaneous back-hoe
fade.   Request "DLR" approval on your circuit orders to confirm diverse
path . . . but do not hold your breath.   

My experience indicates that very few providers have truly diverse routed
backup fiber between more than a few of their major circuit nodes.  Most
truly diverse routes involve  "fiber swaps" among fiber owners with
non-contiguous fiber routes.


At 05:17 PM 7/22/98 -0400, you wrote:
>600 DS3s affected.  ETR 19:30-20:00.  This is the second major cut in as
>many weeks.  Whatver happened to SONET redundancy, hmmm????

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