John M. Brown jmbrown at
Fri Jul 24 00:48:56 UTC 1998

L and M exhibited the same symptoms as A and J,
otherwords when doing a trace route to these servers
I received a ICMP Time Exceeded message from the 
ALTER.NET router in SFO.

At the time of the outage I gronked a perl script to
read my hints file and ran a trace to those that
were not pingable.  While crude it at least showed 
those servers that were having problems.  This is
how I gen'd the list of "problem" machines.

Hope this answers your question......

jmbrown at
John M. Brown

At 08:03 AM 7/23/98 -0700, you wrote:
>> Incase you are dependant on ALTER.NET's SFO ATM link
>> its having problems.  Thus you may not be able to get
>> to A, J, L and M root servers or
>> No other info is available at this time.
>> jmbrown
>, A, & J perhaps. 
>I don't know why you lump L and M in this list.

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