Worldcom cut?!?

Adam Rothschild asr at
Wed Jul 22 20:14:13 UTC 1998

Uhmm, the BENGI list sez:
There is a huge worldcom fibercut between Stanton and
Foyshill penn.. there is no ETA, worldcom has dispatched.


On Wed, Jul 22, 1998 at 02:02:11PM -0600, Hui-Hui Hu wrote:
> I donno, but I got a message about a fibre cut by Worldcom in
> Stanton, CT that is affecting much northeast traffic.
> What's in PA?
> : Anyone have any information about the extent of this Worldcom phiber cut in P
> : A, est. repair time, etc?
> : 
> : Thanks in advance,
> : -Adam
> : 

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