Smurfable Networks

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Thu Jul 23 06:58:57 UTC 1998

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Date: Wednesday, July 22, 1998 2:51 PM
Subject: Re: Smurfable Networks

>Actually, it turns out that a some of what I posted were only echo replies
>from single hosts.  This was indeed a real one point we were
>pulling about 50 Meg over 3 T3s.  The error I made was in generating the
>list of amplifier networks from my log files.  Networks with even one
>single echo reply to the target address were included in the list.  Such
>was the case with the net 12 entries - each one corresponded only to one
>IP address, not a whole network worth.

I tried about 30 from the list and didn't get a single dupe, but anyhow,
check out SmurfLog v1.1 available at by yours
truly, a much better way to gather only the guilty without generating 2 gig
log files in the process.

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