Weird BGP Issue

Jason L. Weisberger jweis at
Wed Jul 22 07:02:10 UTC 1998

> omit something but according to your explaination, you did not
> mention anyhing about ISP Y's routing policy.

Y's routing policy should effect both blocks in the same way however, and
not be an issue - so long as they haven't decided to specifically route
the block strangely.

I'm actually dumbing down this problem as we obviously have more than just
2 peers and certainly more than 1 AS-hop at play here, but if I can get an
answer to why this is happening I can reason it out from there.

> In theory, someone else other than you  can change BGP route update
> infomation, but I don't think it is the case or perhaps?

Theoretically people are not tweaking the routes, atleast thats what I am

Oh well, back to pounding my head against a wall and watching the History

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