Operational issue: Mae-east

Patrick W. Gilmore patrick at priori.net
Tue Jul 21 06:48:33 UTC 1998

At 11:00 PM 7/20/98 -0700, Dave Rand wrote:
>According to MFS's network staff, the current mae-east outage (now at
>1.5 hours and rising) is a scheduled maintence.  According to the
>on-duty staff, no one was notified.  Not even them.
>No ETA of when it will be back up.

I'm finally back up.  Happened about 11:30 PM, PDT.  According to the call
center, they were notified about 11:15 PM PDT that there was a "scheduled
maintenance on giga 4 to replace the chassis."

Don't you just love MFS?  Scheduling a maintenance and notifying everyone
over an hour after it starts.  Either they are lying (which is definitely
not out of the question) or they just forgot to notify us.  However the
latter seems a bit implausible once you realize that 20+ networks had
called in and the call center supposedly tried to contact the techs doing
the maintenance but couldn't get a straight answer as to what was going on
or even an ETR.  If it really was "scheduled", why wouldn't the techs know
exactly what was going on and when it would be done?

Does anyone from MFS/Worldcom/UUNET/Brooks/[whomever else they swallowed
this week] have a clue what happened and/or what will be done next time?

>Dave Rand


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