MCI, CA*Net, & ANS routeserver information

Joe Provo - Network Architect jprovo at
Mon Jul 20 12:32:06 UTC 1998

> I'm looking for a little information on these routeservers.  
I'd suggest re-visiting the IRR web data from the RA/Merit
(; for another description,
check the data.  The IRR is the collection of all 
the Routing Registries.  If your provider/IP registry has their own
routing registry, they will generally expect you to use it, or make
provisions with them to pull data from other RRs.  All others 
(generally those of us in the US) go thru the RA's RR.

> be sending objects to the aforementioned DBs aswell.  My upstreams are
> UUNet (AS816), SprintLink via Rogers Network Services (AS6463), CA*Net via
> Bell Global Solutions (AS3804) and soon to be linked to Sprint Canada
> directly.
Check with "Bell Global Solutions" WRT their relation with the CA*Net
RR. That's the only potential confusion in what you list.

> If I need to post objects to other route servers where can I find
> documentation on where to send the objects (ie:  RADB is auto-dbm at
> and dbm-admin at
Each registry will have their own methods.

I'm curious what the ANS/MCI registries will consist of/who they will be
used by with all the merges and acquisitions...


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