Outages and Nanog

Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Thu Jul 16 16:57:28 UTC 1998

>If there is a North-American network-outages list, I'd like to know
>where I could get information about it.

There are several.  Most major providers claim to have one.  But you
usually have to be a customer, and rarely post information about outages.
A provider's 'official' definition of an outage doesn't seem at all
related to what an ordinary person would consider an outage.

The DAL outage list often carries outage information from a variety
of sources, official and unofficial. outage at dal.net.  But be prepared
for an onslaught of Bull's Eye Targeted E-mail.

General discussion about outage lists (but not outages) is on the
outage-discuss at academ.com list.  A relatively quiet list.

And finally, CNN has coverage of outages on an irregular basis.
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