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Studded Studded at
Thu Jul 16 14:59:40 UTC 1998

Derek Elder wrote:

> This describes another major problem in our industry.  Policy and Procedure.
> Can you think of any other industry where the =primary= contact to the World
> could leave the company and no one from an operational perspective would
> think to let the world know they had left? :)

	Try all of them?  One of the things I did to put myself through school
was work as an office temp. As such I used to do a lot of phone work and
in every office I ever went into one or both of the following was true:

1. All or most of the "official" contact info was out of date, including
the company's own directories, etc. 
2. The good companies/individuals that I worked for or with had a list
of the "real" people who actually knew what was happening and could get
things done. 

	This included companies from the smallest local mom and pop office up
to the national headquarters of a major residential mortgage company.
The only differences I see between those companies and our industry is
that there are situations where someone might actually *need* to contact
your NOC on an "emergency" basis, and (and this is crucial) it's to YOUR
advantage to have accurate contact info because if there is a problem
it's better for your business to have it taken care of sooner rather
than later. 

	To date the fiduciary motivation hasn't been sufficient to encourage
anything close to universal accuracy of contact information. My personal
belief (hope?) is that this will change long before the government
considers getting involved because the costs related to not being
reachable will eventually exceed the costs of keeping the contact info
up to date (if they haven't already). 


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