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Dean Robb pceasy at
Wed Jul 15 15:34:23 UTC 1998


Reply from Nick.  He's the Big Cheese for abuse matters at PBI and SW Bell.
 He's got an outstanding rep for getting things done.  His efforts, for
example, have resulted in PBI and SWBell's lobbyists to start pushing for
the Smith Bill as the best anti-spam legislation.

CC'd to NANOG since the initial complaint was posted here.

>Hiya Dean!
>Sure, this is not a problem at all.  In fact, I rather think it's exactly 
>the kind of thing I need to know about.  I'll ask Jason about it tomorrow. 
> We * have* had our problems with netroplex in the past, but they have had 
>a decent track record for at least the past year.  We can turn up the heat 
>on them considerably now that we're being disparaged on NANOG...

Spammers:  more disgusting than roaches.

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