NOC communications

Sarah Garfinkel sarahg at
Tue Jul 14 15:57:48 UTC 1998

Since you mentioned Sprint, I will say that we sent a request to ARIN 
to get Vab off our records over a month ago.  They have promised me 
that this will be in effect tomorrow.  

Perhaps the new modification template Kim announced will help.  One 
thing that would also be cool would be a way to search on a particular 
ARIN-handle to find out if someone who left your company is listed on 
any of your records.  Unfortunately, with spammers using whois the way 
they do, this would probably be too easy to abuse.


> >We already have a central authority that collects two perfectly good points
> >of information about each AS in North America (supposedly.)
> Yeah, right.  
>    Dear Sprint, Vab is gone.  Since you have not updated your contact
>    information in a prompt fashion, your AS numbers will be withdrawn
>    at Midnight.  Have a nice day.
> As far as most provider's are concerned there is no penalty for having
> out of date or bogus contact information.  They view it as just one more
> added cost, and something that only benefits their competitors and not
> themselves.  That is until they read about themselves on the front-page
> of the New York Times.  Then the managers start yelling at the engineers
> "Why didn't you tell us it was a problem."

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