NOC communications

Derek Elder delder at
Tue Jul 14 14:44:22 UTC 1998

>Uhm, the usual problem is the contact person leaves the company.  The
>exit interview rarely includes updating the contact information.  Everyone
>else will know the information is out-dated, assuming you ban people from
>setting up procmail to auto-ack the message.  But how do you get the
>rplacement's contact information if the replacement doesn't know about
>the list, database, server, etc and you don't know who the replacement

This describes another major problem in our industry.  Policy and Procedure.
Can you think of any other industry where the =primary= contact to the World
could leave the company and no one from an operational perspective would
think to let the world know they had left? :)

>If you would like a sample message, how about something similar to
>what a previous government contractor used to send every six months or
>so when they managed the NIC database.  Perhaps change the "do not
>respond," to "respond with 'ok 123456'" to make the procmail folks work
>a little harder writing their auto-ack scripts.

Precisely what I had in mind.

And as usual, I agree with the rest of your message as well.  However, the
solution that I proposed was an attempt to develop an idea that was
reasonable non-intrusive, didn't rely on adding new gear and monthly
recurring cost, and had the potential of working.

It could be -way- more sophisticated than this.  I can think of neat things
involving push (We all have a computer in the NOC don't we?), and probably
some other things if I spent some time on it.

But what it has to boil down to is that inter-NOC communications has to
become something so much a part of the day-to-day life that it can't be
neglected.  If that can be done in the wild, wild west of our industry
as it stands now, I don't know.

OK -- off to the waterslide :)


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