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Leo Bicknell bicknell at
Tue Jul 14 13:38:03 UTC 1998

	Here's an idea, I'm not sure if it could work.

	Set up a small "verification company" (or maybe even
non-profit org).  For a small fee ($50/month?) you could have
your contact information entered, and the company would randomly
check it frequently (once every 2-3 weeks?).  Failure to have
current contact info would result in a penalty ($5000?) to stay
in the program.

	Then, networks could require as part of peering agreements
and such that both sides participate.  For their $50/month each
side knows the verification company has current contact info, and
they can get it from the company via web sites or monthly news

	It's a very rough idea, but is there a business model and
support for such a thing?  
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