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On Fri, 10 Jul 1998, David Lesher wrote:

> Let's see, we can put in 3 big stations: one in an old mill in
> the Boston area, another in Arlington VA, and a third at ihnp4..

Explain, please. The first sounds like where DEC started out. Is the
second MAE-East? And while I recognize ihnp4 as one of the central UUCP
nodes I never knew what or where it was.

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ihnp4 was a DEC VAX that was installed at AT&T Bell Laboratories
at Indian Hill, in Naperville, Illinois. It was located in Building 6 on the
4th floor I think in E-aisle. Building 6 is the newer building behind the
original collection of buildings at the corner of Naperville Rd. and
Warrenville Rd.

ihnp4 replaced ihnss. ihnss was one of the last large PDP 11/70s
purchased at Indian Hill in Naperville in the late 1970s. I should know,
I handled the SPA budget for it, and ordered it. It was a difficult decision
not to buy a VAX at the time. We had to go with the proven PDP 11
because the VAX UNIX software was not stable enough when the orders
were placed.

We did research using ihnss. Phil Karn was new to Bell Labs and I
encouraged him to take over ihnss when I left that location...I have not
seen Phil since...when I returned to Indian Hill, ihnp4 was there...and
Phil was gone...I assume that Phil somewhere along the line Phil
convinced someone to convert it to a VAX...I suppose the increase
in traffic was one of the reasons...

I hope this helps to answer your questions about ihnp4 and also some
of your questions about my association with AT&T...

Jim Fleming
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