Interesting stratum 1 NTP clock

james at james at
Wed Jul 8 08:38:12 UTC 1998

Robert E. Seastrom wrote:
> Actually, you're looking for two different things here:
> 1) a frequency standard that is traceable to a cesium or rubidium
> frequency source, with an output of 1 MHz, 10 MHz, 100 MHz, or
> whatever the PLL in the Cisco wants to see to discipline the line
> clocking, and
> 2) a time standard (synchronized to USNO) with a 1PPS output that is
> synchronized to the top of the second.

We're using (as a stratum 1 NTP clock) the Datum Inc. TymServe 2100 box, a
nice 1U rack-mount unit which receives GPS and outputs NTP and 1PPS
(satisfying 2 above) and also has a 10MHz output (satisfying 1 above).  A
rubidium oscillator is an option on this box.  See http://www/ for
more details.

Disclaimer: No affiliation to Datum Inc...  just a customer!


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