T1 Circuit actual throughput 1290Kbps

James Carlson carlson at ironbridgenetworks.com
Thu Jul 9 12:26:18 UTC 1998

ferguson at cisco.com (Paul Ferguson) writes:
> It also depends on whether the line encoding is AMI or
> B8ZS. If it is AMI, you'll start out with 1340k, not
> 1536k, if I'm not mistaken.

AMI with 24 channels is 1344000bps (56000 by 24).  (A continuing
crisis with many LECs is that data links are set up as AMI/D4, when
there's usually no reason not to run B8ZS/ESF.  When our drop was put
in, the technician installed the B8ZS/ESF line, then proceeded to
configure the CSU/DSU for AMI/D4.  Sigh.)

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