T1 Circuit actual throughput 1290Kbps

Dorian Kim dorian at blackrose.org
Thu Jul 9 04:45:56 UTC 1998

On Thu, Jul 09, 1998 at 03:37:49PM +1000, Lincoln Dale wrote:
> In message <19980709034534.AAA1627 at wolfpack>, Tony S. Hariman writes:
> >Does anybody have experience having a T1 circuit with PPP 
> >encapsulation getting only 1290 Kbps maximum throughput looking 
> >at "sh int" result from cisco router or MRTG ?
> A T1 is capable of achieving 1536 kbps maximum (24 x 64 kbps).

While this doesn't seem to apply to Tony's case, I wouldn't make a blanket
statements like that. If the T1 is provisioned ESF, yes you can get 
1536 kbps, but there are places where you still can only get SF/D4 framing.


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