Cisco scripts??

Chris Fournier alpha at
Wed Jul 8 01:12:55 UTC 1998

> I doubt that this can be done using snmp. I would guess that rcp of tftp
> wouldbe the way to do it. a simple expect script could quite easily tftp
> the running config

Umm just a bad feeling on this, that means you have to store the password
in the script.. thats bad news..  Currently I have my router setup like this.

ip rcmd rcp-enable
ip rcmd rsh-enable
ip rcmd remote-host shttpd shttpd enable

shttpd is the username my secured server runs as. This way you can
either  'rsh router show run' or if you want to write a script that
will download it local and have it cache with   
'rcp router:running-config localfile'. It is also an easy way to manage
ACLs without having to cut and paste via telnet.

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