Cisco scripts??

Michael Miller mmiller at
Tue Jul 7 23:47:25 UTC 1998


> 	Does anyone know where I can get ahold of some sort of script that querys
> the routers via SNMP that shows the running configs on them?  I want to
> have a web based interface that ONLY shows the running configs.  I am aware
> of the built in http server that is on the routers, but I would rather do
> it via SNMP .  Any information would be appreciated.

I doubt that this can be done using snmp. I would guess that rcp of tftp
wouldbe the way to do it. a simple expect script could quite easily tftp
the running config
   copy run tftp
   dest host
(if memory serves me correctly)

This I think will proababkly be the easiest to do.


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