cflowd / IOS ver question

Christian Kuhtz ck at
Sun Jul 5 17:28:09 UTC 1998

> John M. Brown wrote:
> > 
> > Ok so we just got a new 7206 to play with and I want
> > the version of IOS 11.2(12)p doesn't have the
> > jmbrown at
> Hey John...
> do yourself a favor and run the CC of 11.1, something like 11.1.19(CC)
> has been very good for us. Supports pretty much all the interfaces, has
> all the neat features (CEF, CAR, FlowExport, etc), and is a bit more
> stable than 11.2.x...

FYI: 11.1(19)CC has been deferred.  I would recommend using 11.1(19)CC1.


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