cflowd / IOS ver question

John M. Brown jmbrown at
Sun Jul 5 00:45:59 UTC 1998

Ok so we just got a new 7206 to play with and I want
to try out the cflowd stuff.  The problem I have is that
the version of IOS 11.2(12)p doesn't have the
ip flow-export {various commands} command.  It only
has the 

ip flow-export A.B.C.D udp-port  command

So did we get the right version, is there something
missing that I need to get???  Any help would
be great....

Even when I just use this version of the command I
don't get any packets on the udp-port / host 
that I specify.  Mr. Sniffer doesn't show anything
at all.........

jmbrown at

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