noncooperation in tracing an attack

Brian Holt holt at
Sat Jan 31 22:21:48 UTC 1998

	I'm very unhappy to have to post a message here to get someone at to help in tracing an attack that has been going on for
several hours now.  Their NOC notified our NOC that they would not be able
to get security involved in this attack until monday, which is completely

	If anyone cares, the target for the attack is a single IP address of and it has been spoofed to be coming from several different
IP addresses over the past few hours.  The first few addresses used were and, now the current traffic flow is said to be coming from

	I personally have no problem with blocking this attack to stop it, but it
sure would be nice to actually nab one of these people once in awhile.

	Thanks for the lack of help,


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