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Sat Jan 31 08:36:40 UTC 1998

I know this is a little late (I was on my honeymoon), but we're also
running the Compaq NAP here in Houston, TX.  And yes, MFS seems to be
really anxious to cut costs and deal with competing efforts such as ours,
but the fact that they can cut prices that drasticly does make one think.
However, I'm for anything that makes the exchange of data on a local
geographical area whether it's run by Insync/Compaq or whoever.

Oh, and for information on the NAP, contact curtisj at

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On Fri, 23 Jan 1998, Jeremy Porter wrote:

> In message <34C822B8.6A0FA0F at>, Rodney Joffe writes:
> >Has anyone heard about a new MFS NAP being planned/built in Texas area?
> Don't know about any MFS NAPs.  I would be realize supprised if they
> thought that they could compete with my efforts.  We are bringing
> up a new Dallas exchange point in Feb.  Apparently MFS is dropping
> prices on its MAE services in areas with competing exchanges by about
> 90% if you are an existing MFS customer.  Which is the kinda of
> drop you would expect from monopolistic pricing and poor service
> typical of MFS.
> See for more info on non telco locally
> operated exchange points.
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