Anyone deployed FlexCAP2 ADSL?

Michael Dillon michael at
Wed Jan 28 03:17:04 UTC 1998

Has anyone on this list deplyed an ADSL network using Westell's FlexCAP2
product? I have some network engineers telling me that they need to use an
entire /29 of 8 IP addresses for each single subscriber connection. This
doesn't seem right to me and I'd love to talk with someone who has
actually deployed this stuff..

The ADSL component basically provides an Ethernet bridge between the
subscriber and the CO. The network engineers that I am dealing with tell
me that these bridged Ethernet connections have to go into a Catalyst 5500
switch in which each Ethernet port is on a separate VLAN in order to
prevent neighbors from sniFfing each other's traffic. And because of the
VLANs in the 5500 with 2 RSMs, they need to allocate a block of 8 globally
routable IP addresses in order to supply a subscriber with one globvally
routable host connection.

I'm still poring through manuals to see if there isn't some better way to
do this that isn't so wasteful but I'm not as familiar with Cisco gear as
some other brands.

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