ISPs in Bombay India

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Tue Jan 27 09:09:04 UTC 1998

Jim Browne wrote:
> At 11:06 -0600 1/26/98, Gnanasekaran Swaminathan wrote:
> >VSNL is the only game in India. Take a look at
> >
> Really?  When I was living in India ('95) several "software technology
> park"s had been established.  In fact, I remember being connected to the

There are several providers here, however, VSNL is the company that
controls the access to the satellite transponders and such.  Everyone
must go through VSNL for this, even STP.  Software tech parks are
growing quickly as they provide office space with internet connectivity
before the clients move in.  Of course, none of this helps when VSNL has
some problem and they take all their phones off the hook.

At least when your packets get dropped, they get dropped on the floor
and not in space. ;)  Overloaded satellite links with high latency.
64 bytes from w.x.y.z: icmp_seq=6 ttl=253 time=3351.3 ms.  Much fun.

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