ISPs in Bombay India

Jim Browne jbrowne at
Tue Jan 27 06:15:20 UTC 1998

At 11:06 -0600 1/26/98, Gnanasekaran Swaminathan wrote:
>VSNL is the only game in India. Take a look at

Really?  When I was living in India ('95) several "software technology
park"s had been established.  In fact, I remember being connected to the
Internet for a number of months via (we even stole
several of their employees).  Back then, STPH was running access via a
metro microwave LAN to various companies.  UUNet India was a few doors down
and didn't even have an Internet connection due to some lawsuit between
business partners (or so I heard).

Of course, I'm sure things have changed by now.  I would check, however, if
there is an STP in Bombay that can provide you with service.

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