MAC address assignments

Dan Foster dsf at
Mon Jan 26 23:52:15 UTC 1998

Hot Diggety! On a dark and stormy night, Geoff White was rumored to have said...
> 	Where can I find a list of MAC (ethernet) address assignments.
> 	i.e. blocks of addresses were assigned to various companies.
> 	for example 8:0:20:xx:xx:xx is most likely a Sun machine
 	00:c0:7b:xx:xx:xx is some form of ascend router.

> 	I'm trying to track down someone who is using an IP address that
> 	they should not be using and all I have is their MAC address
>       (00:20:af:f2:2c:79)

It's been useful for me on more than one occasion.

You enter it as: 00-20-af in the search field.

Incidentially, 00:20:af is a 3com device. Good luck!


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