Microsoft offering xDSL access

Hui-Hui Hu hhui at
Sat Jan 24 23:47:15 UTC 1998

Has anyone actually used the USWest/Phoenix xDSL?

I was suggesting to my boss, only half jokingly, that we subscribe to a few
$120 a month xDSL "Business User" lines to USWest for fun, add on the 
$20/month internet connection, and find out how oversubscribed !nteract 
really is.

"We don't know anything about the Internet, we're just mindless consumers.
Oops, how'd that hssi port get in there?"


: First of all, there are two different kinds of xDSL service one can buy.
: One is a subscriber side, and the other side is a server side (which US West
: calls MegaSubscriber/MegaOffice/MegaBusiness and MegaCentral respectively).


: As for what US West tends to do with the bandwidth, they have an unregulated
: division called !nteract that will take care of that part.  It is
: my understanding that !nteract will advertise directly following US West
: commercials, but US West must still give you the choice of your IP provider
: when you order it from them.  Here's the kicker...!nteracts price is just
: $20/month.

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