Microsoft offering xDSL access

^Faust^ faust at
Fri Jan 23 22:17:28 UTC 1998

Tell him to order a 2-wire alarm circuit and slap a Tut 12000 (or your favorite
product) on each end. Yes, I've done it. And yes, it was in P*B territory.

Geoff White wrote:

> On Fri, 23 Jan 1998, ^Faust^ wrote:
> > Geoff White wrote:
> >
> > > Well my understanding here in PacBell/SBC land is that the way it will
> > > work, (this comes from someone who made a naieve inquiry to another
> > > equally naieve saleperson at PacBell/SBC), is that you need to connect to
> > > PacBell's ATM backbone in order to order xDSL (the person just wanted to
> > > connect from their home to the office), when I heard this I though it was
> > > totally absurd but the truth, as they say is far stranger :)
> >
> > Why is this absurd? You think coolocating routers at COs is less absurd?
> > Aggregating DSL traffic in a DSLAM and pumping it out via ATM is the
> > right way to do things.
> >
> No it was absurd because my friend just wanted to run two adsl "modems"
> between his office and home on copper. He was told that to do that he
> needed to connect to PacBell's ATM backbone, that's whats absurd.

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