Microsoft offering xDSL access

Greg Simpson gws at
Fri Jan 23 21:40:18 UTC 1998

What are you talking about? There is a distinction between CP modem and 
CO modem, but.. if you happen to have one of each, it should work.

Ever try it?


>    No it was absurd because my friend just wanted to run two adsl "modems"
>    between his office and home on copper. He was told that to do that he
>    needed to connect to PacBell's ATM backbone, that's whats absurd.
> two ADSL modems will not talk to each other back to back on a piece of
> wire.  If you want to fire up dry-copper connectivity between yourself
> and a friend you want some sort of HDSL product; look at the Campus
> line at
>                                         ---Rob

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