[nanog] Re: Microsoft offering xDSL access

Greg Simpson gws at sweet.com
Fri Jan 23 21:30:19 UTC 1998

You can't shape to a model you can't develop, but if you're 
already established, with those 40 customers you can develop a 
bandwidth-distribution layout and rather simply predict trends..

If you are in a highly volatile market, which xDSL doesn't seem to be 
quite yet :), this would be impossible, but adding customers at a 
constant rate with no changing technology would imply a constant trend..

Of course, as soon as technology changes that is no longer valid :), 
but.. alter the model on a monthly basis? ..

I wonder if RX and TX equalize at some point? If you have enough static 
[customers] machines connected to be transmitting data at a steady level?
I'd be curious to see some numbers on that..


> >> Nobody in their right mind would sell T1 to every customer and do 1000:1
> >> overcommit of their transit links without some kind of bandwidth shaping.
> >> Since that shaping is part of the engineering plan, the marketroids will
> >> have to find some way to come clean about it in the advertising glossies.
> >
> >We've got 40 T1 ADSL customers coming into a single 1.1Mb SMDS connection
> And I'll bet they're all at different speeds as well, both TX and RX.
> It sounds like you have to play it by ear, that coming up with some
> mathematical model is *almost* impossible.
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