[nanog] Re: Microsoft offering xDSL access

Stephen Balbach stephen at clark.net
Fri Jan 23 19:34:02 UTC 1998

> Nobody in their right mind would sell T1 to every customer and do 1000:1
> overcommit of their transit links without some kind of bandwidth shaping.
> Since that shaping is part of the engineering plan, the marketroids will
> have to find some way to come clean about it in the advertising glossies.

We've got 40 T1 ADSL customers coming into a single 1.1Mb SMDS connection

Traffic is around %3 to %5 on average with occasional spikes to %50 or
%100 for short periods. Im guessing this behaviour is due to a single PC
at the customers side -- limitations on how much traffic a single user can
generate - how much bandwidth a single stream uses. With a DS3 you could
get perhaps 5,000 to 10,000 "T1" customers is a rough guess. Look at
@Home's model for example.


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