Being blackhole by some one.

sully at sully at
Fri Jan 23 12:41:09 UTC 1998

Are you being BGP'ed blackholed?  Like, one of their routers is lying about
a route it owns?

At 10:35 AM 1/23/98 PST, you wrote:
>> We just being blackhole by some ISP during their provisioning,
>> a few hours ago.  I thought that bogus route should be filtered by 
>> the NAP.  Is there a way to prevent from somebody blackholing you ?
>> It takes a lot of affort to solve this problem, especially those
>> who need to update their router through rrdb automatically.  Which
>> suppose to solve blackhole problem accidentally.
>Could you please explain the issue more specifically.  "Blackhole" could
>have many meanings.

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