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>>Today there was an article in the sci-tech section of mentioning
>>that Microsoft was teaming up with Intel and Compaq to offer xDSL service
>>to the homes for a very low price.  They claim to be able to provide
>>Internet access "30 times faster" than regular modems.   
>The announcement also said that four of the five baby Bells (all but
>BA) are also in on the deal so they'll all use common xDSL standards,
>something that's been a problem in the past.
>But the important thing they did not say (and which may be of some
>interest to NANOG) was what is supposed to happen to the packets once
>they whiz down the DSL wire from the consumer to the phone company
>central office, since DSL data, unlike ISDN or regular dialup
>connections, doesn't go through the phone switch.  Whoever handles
>that IP traffic needs a router or something similar next to the phone
>switch to connect to those DSL pairs.  Do the Bells plan to hand all
>the traffic to their oh-so-independent ISP subsidiaries?  Will it be and yes
you've got to have colo at the CO. I'm not sure how they're
going to hand off. I would think it would make sense for 
CLEC's to do the aggregation of DSL subscription and point
it back to the customer i.e. the ISP pulls a circuit into 
our CO, and we split the traffic after carrying it back from
the CO for the ISP.

Disclaimer: I'm thinking out loud. We're about to start DSL 
trials and I'm only certain of the colo situation.


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