[nanog] Re: Microsoft offering xDSL access

Stephen Balbach stephen at clark.net
Fri Jan 23 16:06:12 UTC 1998

> OR.... You have to be the RBOC. Or subservient to same.
> People keep asking me "Why is Hell Titanic so hot on xDSL and
> so cold on ISDN?" and this is the reason; with ISDN, you control
> who you talk to, with xDSL, THEY do. 

Bell Atlantic has a much bigger project in the works then what has been
announced by the other 5 RBOCs - they are ahead of the game, announcements
probably this summer across the entire footprint (Maine to VA) - it will
be based on the current trials which are very fair to the ISP's. 
> "Hey Ms. ISP, want to compete against bellatlantic.net's offering?
>  Rent xDSL connections from us. Period."

There are some problems with the trial model in the sales cycle, all calls
go to a BA center where the salesperons reveal all details such as
"provider X has Y bandwidth, provider BA has Y*5 bandwidth, im neutral but
if it was me (and my commisions) I'd go with BA". The numbers bear it out,
BA has the lions share of the beta customers.


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