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Steve Sobol sjsobol at
Fri Jan 23 00:53:28 UTC 1998

On Wed, Jan 21, 1998 at 04:41:17PM -0500, Dean Anderson wrote:
> If I am paying you to carry packets, you have an obligation to carry them.
> Blocking some of them is illegal. (ala AGIS).  Every packet that goes
> through your network is paid for by one of your customers, one of their
> customers, and so on.

And how do I... or how does the company I work for.. have an obligation to
some spammer on a different ISP, if he is spamming NACS.NET? There's no
contract there, nor is there any payment.

I still don't think you're a spammer, but you sure do sound like one.

> >to deliver something you handed me for delivery. Or are you suggesting
> >mail servers should deliver mail without determining who it is for?
> Nope. Thats service observing.  Illegal.

and you can cite laws or legal precedents that support your position, I'm

> >If I review the content of your message, and then make decisions about
> >who gets to read it (as opposed to discarding it), then I am intercepting,
> >and reprehensible.
> And crimminal.

see above.

> You are obligated to carry the packets you are paid to carry.  You may not
> look at their contents other than for incidental reasons, such as routing
> and delivery. (and correct routing and delivery.)

I, as ISP X, am not obligated to carry any packets from ISP Y unless ISP Y
is a downstream client of mine with a signed contract. Find me a judge who
says otherwise and I'll believe you.

> But don't take my word for it. Look at Cheswick and Bellovin on page 205.
> They say the same thing.

Irrelevant in most cases.

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