ridiculous misreadings of laws

Jeremy Porter jerry at fc.net
Fri Jan 23 02:36:50 UTC 1998

In message <199801230102.UAA00928 at penny.n2wx.ampr.org>, Howard Goldstein writes
>Dean Anderson writes:
Is not supprising.
What I'm supprised by is the continued and balatant off topic posting by
this "Dead Anderson" character.  I added him to my .procmailrc a long
time ago.
I'm am also a little supprised that UUnet providers services to
this person that advocates breaking their service agreement.
My guess is they haven't been able to document his spamming, yet.

Maybe with any luck he'll show up at the next nanog meeting
and be suprised in a dark alley.
I tend to find spammers and spam supporteds to be of such low moral character
that they don't have they courage to stand up supporting it in public.

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