Reporting Little Blue Men

Thu Jan 22 19:35:20 UTC 1998

I have had just the opposite experience; my local LAN is w.x.48.0/20 , and so
I have 15 perfectly good w.x.y.0 and w.x.y.255 addresses other than the
wire/broadcast addresses. I have assigned most of them to a variety of machines,
and so far the only grok-failure came from Windows95 boxen, which dislike
w.x.y.255 . This is not altogether surprising, given MS's notable proficiency
in networking...
At 11:41 AM 1/22/98 -0500, Eric Osborne wrote:
>In other words, I can't prevent my customers from sending packets to
>a broadcast address, esp. on a subnet smaller than /24.  You might be
>able to block outgoing packets for destination x.y.z.255, but if you've got
>a mask >/24 (/23, etc..), couldn't .255 be a valid host address?

Yes, it could be, actually.  I tried to use it as WAN pool address once
though and it horrendously confused the RAS, as well as several UNIX boxen
on the network.

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